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Many anglers are obsessed with smashing big largemouth in heavy cowl. The sensation of fishing shallow, matted grass with a giant rod and a brief line is addictive.

Largemouth spend their lives beneath this cover. Reaching them, although, has by no means been straightforward and touchdown them could be much more difficult. You probably have the suitable mindset and kit, nevertheless, you’ll be able to grasp this thrilling tactic.

“Punching is such a blue-collar strategy to fish,” mentioned Mike Miller, host of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters’ Angler and Hunter Tv. “You don’t want costly electronics. You simply fish. It’s so rewarding.”

Climate watcher

Go punching when circumstances are altering. Adversarial climate prompts bass to hunt dense cowl. Gusts accumulate particles and chopped-up weeds and heap them alongside shorelines. Floating grass makes docks, timber, pads, and weedbeds even higher.

A number of the greatest locations embody reed, cane, and undercut banks. Nicknamed “slop,” entangled floating weeds create the proper cowl for faculties of largemouth. My favorite tactic is to deal with smaller, remoted mats, that are confirmed monster bass hangouts.

Discovering the perfect sections of a mat takes time and expertise. To benefit from your time, deal with irregularities, blended grasses, and shoreline composition. The shore will typically reveal what’s beneath the water and below the grass. By no means ignore adjustments in topography.

Hammer time

Punching has the well-deserved status of placing monsters in the boat. Reels spooled with the heaviest of braid and paired with an additional heavy eight-foot rod are very best. Punching for beasts all day, nevertheless, will exhaust your arm. I recall a multi-day event the place we punched from launch to weigh-in. The next week, I noticed stars if my elbow moved the unsuitable manner. Scaling right down to a shorter, lighter rod makes punching simpler in your physique however nonetheless lets you drop the hammer. Seek for a rod with a parabolic bend, which provides energy with out straining knots or hooks.

Don Sangster, adventurer and OOD contributor, has at all times liked mat fishing. Through the years, he’s scaled again his tools. Now, his go-to set-up is a 7′, 2″ medium-heavy rod with braided line and a locked drag on the reel. “This rod motion handles a 3⁄4-ounce weight properly. If I transfer to bigger weights, I am going to a 7′, 6″ meat stick,” he mentioned. Most of Miller’s many event wins had been made doable by boating a kicker bucketmouth in shallow water. The ultra-stiff fishing rods he as soon as liked don’t lower it anymore. He now favours 13 Fishing Omen Black rods 7′, 4″ to 7′, 6″ in size with a extra reasonable motion. He’s even scaled down and routinely fishes 40-pound braid as a substitute of 65.

Trolling motors off

Cease the trolling motor. The shallower you’re, the extra essential stealth turns into.

“Since anglers have highly effective, weedless trolling motors like my Minn Kota, they have an inclination to tear proper by way of grass,” Miller mentioned. “They spook so many bass doing that.”

Buck standard knowledge and fish with the wind at your again if doable. Because the boat drifts, lock it in place together with your shallow water anchors. Cease at key areas, together with edges, holes, thicker clumps, and the place completely different vegetation merges.

The fundamental rig

TUNGSTEN WEIGHT: Tungsten has revolutionized punching. These dense, compact baits have the heft wanted to plunge by way of. Switching to tungsten permits a 3⁄4-ounce weight to do the work of a a lot bigger lead weight.

“The form of the burden is one thing most overlook,” Sangster mentioned. “Worm weights are likely to be extra torpedo formed, whereas flipping weights are blunt and stubby. I discover smooth worm weights drive by way of the quilt higher.”

HEAVY LINE: Low-carrier braid provides higher abrasion resistance than high-carrier strains. Its rougher, much less spherical profile slices grass properly.

Miller provides a 20-pound Sufix fluorocarbon chief in ultra-clear wate. He finds it makes all of the distinction.

THE HOOK: #2/0 or #3/0 straight-shanked, off-set, or wide-gapped hooks with a welded eye, bait keeper, and powerful development.

THE BAIT: Bait choice just isn’t the star right here. Follow sturdy, streamlined plastics as they stand up to the trauma of punching. Beaver-style baits are made for this, as are craws, tubes, and creature baits. For those who don’t get a chew when the bait initially plunges by way of, jiggle it so bass can discover it.

Punching with skirted jigs

Many bass jigs in the marketplace are too cumbersome for punching. Constructing your individual punching jig is easy. Thread on a neoprene bobber cease and a magnum bullet weight. Earlier than you add the hook, nevertheless, add a punch skirt. For those who don’t really feel like making one, you should buy Extremely Tungsten’s Extremely Punch. The luxurious skirt flares like a jig with out the majority.

Punching isn’t straightforward, however the rewards are price the trouble. So, choose up a giant rod and hammer out some large ones this summer time.

Initially printed in Ontario OUT of DOORS’ 2023 Fishing Annual 

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