insects biting and swarming

I don’t know any open air one that professes a deep and abiding love of biting bugs. They
destroy completely good open air experiences faster than a hungry bear at a campsite. Right here a fast
rundown of the worst offenders and the best way to take care of them:


a mosquito

Energetic interval: Might to September, worst at daybreak and nightfall, or within the shade. They hatch in standing water, together with hollowed-out logs, stagnant swimming pools, marshes, puddles, ponds or lakes. Adults stay inside a number of kilometres of water.


a blackfly

Energetic interval: April to June. Most lively through the day (particularly when preventing your PB brookie). They hatch round flowing water together with inflows and outflows of lakes and within the woods surrounding these flowing waters.


Energetic interval: Late spring to summer time, particularly at daybreak and nightfall and within the night (interested in gentle). Hatch in and round damp place together with ponds, streams, marshes, bogs, and damp woodlands.

Finest defence: Keep away from areas with standing water. Use a Thermacell unit or insect repellent with DEET (as much as 35% for adults and 20% for youths six months and older). Bug jackets and mosquito nets additionally work. So too does hanging round windy factors and utilizing mosquito coils on calm days or within the night. Smudge fires as hearth restrictions enable.

Deer and horse flies

a horse or deer fly

Energetic interval: Might to mid-summer, through the day, particularly when it warms up. They hatch and stay round marshes, streams, lakes, and ponds surrounded by woods, any damp atmosphere close to woodlands.

Finest defence: Keep away from wetlands and damp wooded areas. Bug jackets, sticky patches positioned in your hat, and mosquito nets additionally work. Gentle colored clothes is beneficial.

Cowl as a lot pores and skin as attainable, together with your neck. Tuck in shirts, tuck pant cuffs into boots. Thermacell items.


a tick

Energetic interval: From early spring to fall, the nice and cozy months in areas of the province inside their vary. Probably lively each time you’re within the space. They have a tendency to inhabit woodlands and areas with tall grass and leaf litter.

Finest defence: If there are trails, stroll within the centre of them avoiding the sting brush and grasses.

Initially revealed within the April 2023 version of Ontario OUT of DOORS journal.

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