That is probably the most complete information to understanding what your ex says vs. what they actually imply.

On this new information we’re going to be taking a few of the most typical issues an ex will say throughout or after a breakup and dissecting them for you as a way to perceive precisely what they imply.

Let’s dive proper in.

What Your Ex Says Vs. What They Imply

We’re going to be going by way of a number of various things an ex will say.

In your reference,

  • Your Ex Says They Hate You
  • Your Ex Tells You To By no means Speak To Them Once more
  • It’s Not You, It’s Me
  • I By no means Actually Cherished You
  • I Nonetheless Love You
  • We Are By no means Getting Again Collectively
  • I Don’t Need To Harm You Once more
  • You Deserve Higher Than Me
  • We Can Nonetheless Be Buddies
  • I By no means Cherished You Anyhow
  • I Want I By no means Met You
  • Your Ex Purposefully Avoids You
  • Your Ex Hugs You
  • You Want To Transfer On
  • I Nonetheless Care About You
  • They Blame You For The Breakup
  • Let’s Meet Up And Speak
  • Your Ex Is Being Overly Good To You
  • They Broke Up With You With out An Rationalization
  • I Need To Be Single And Have Enjoyable
  • I Need To Get Again Collectively

As you possibly can see it’s fairly in depth. We thought we’d go overkill with it although and take every of this stuff your ex says or does and take a look at it in two other ways.

First we wish to outline the habits or phrase.
Second we wish to inform you what we predict they really imply

Fairly easy, proper?

Let’s dive proper in.

Your Ex Says He Hates You

I hate you

(Jeez… Sit back Anakin.)

I need you to do me a favor for a second right here.

(Actually this can be a favor for your self)

Scroll again as much as the highest of this web page and browse the introduction part.

Do you bear in mind what I stated there?

I stated that breakups are inclined to convey out the worst in folks.

In any case, there’s a motive that they examine dropping a job to going by way of a break up, it sucks.

So, whenever you place a person (who’s extra aggressive than a girl) in a state of affairs the place he’s going to be harm/upset then it isn’t stunning to listen to the phrases, “I hate you,” come out of his mouth.

Take me for instance, I’m a reasonably good man.

I all the time do my finest to deal with folks with the utmost respect and I used to be raised to all the time respect ladies.

Open doorways…

Pay for meals…

You recognize, all that good things.

But, whenever you take me again to my very first relationship method again after I was a kiddo in highschool I’m fairly positive that when the inevitable break up did occur (and highschool breakups are sometimes inevitable) I muttered the phrases, “I hate you,” to my ex.

However did I imply it?

Truly, you recognize what?

Take me out of the equation totally.

Do males imply it once they say they hate you?

What Does He Imply When He Says “I Hate You?”

what does this mean

Lets deal with this query as logically as we are able to.

Your ex boyfriend dated you in order that tells us that he used to assume very extremely of you. I imply, I don’t know too many males that go into relationship somebody pondering,

“I don’t like her.”

All through your time collectively he most likely advised you,

He liked you…

Cared for you…

That you just had been his “one and solely…”

I feel you get the concept with what I’m going for right here.

So, whenever you take this under consideration I’m comparatively sure that your ex boyfriend doesn’t actually hate you.

What he’s actually saying is that he hates what has occurred to your relationship.

He hates the state of affairs.

He hates the best way it makes him really feel.

He hates the ache.

And since you’re related to the ache he’s feeling you’ll get blamed by affiliation.

Therefore the, “I hate you” mantra he has adopted.

Above I discussed that I could have muttered the phrases, “I hate you” to the very first girlfriend I had method again in highschool. Now, I do know a highschool relationship that occurred shut to 10 years in the past isn’t precisely going to convey earth shattering revelations however bear with me right here as I attempt to make my level.

Do you assume I meant it after I stated it?

After all not.

I hated the best way I used to be feeling.

I hated having a failed relationship and all that miserable stuff I discussed above (with the ache and all that.)

However I additionally knew that it could harm my ex girlfriend if I stated it to her and since I wasn’t precisely what you’d name a seasoned veteran when it got here to dealing with breakups but I wasn’t above revenge.

That is horrible for me to confess however I used to be younger so it’s a must to notice the immature mentality I had.

I actually thought to myself,

“What can I say to my ex girlfriend to make her really feel as horrible as I really feel proper now? Hmm.. I do know, I’ll inform her that I hate her and I want I had by no means met her. That may harm her.”

That’s not a really mature method of dealing with issues is it?

The necessary takeaway that I need you to take from this unfavourable expertise that I’m sharing is that the majority males don’t imply it once they say they hate you. As a substitute they’re simply projecting on how they really feel in regards to the state of affairs they’re at present in.

After all, some males will say it with the intentions of injuring you as effectively.

So, there are actually two issues that males try to say once they say they hate you.

  1. I hate you = I hate the state of affairs
  2. I hate you = I hope this hurts you so you possibly can really feel how I really feel

Lets transfer on to a different ex boyfriend favourite,

“By no means discuss to me once more.”

Your Ex Tells You To By no means Speak To Him Once more

talk to me

There are actually two conditions that spring to thoughts after I hear from a girl who’s questioning if her boyfriend actually means it when he tells her to by no means contact him once more.

  1. The couple acquired into a foul struggle that culminated within the man saying “by no means discuss to me once more.”
  2.  The girl always bugs the man and he will get so fed up that he tells her to by no means discuss to him once more.

With a purpose to absolutely perceive what an ex boyfriend actually means when he says by no means discuss to me once more we should first perceive precisely what these conditions seem like.

Scenario 1- A Dangerous Battle Outcomes In The Man Telling The Lady To By no means Speak To Him Once more

Lets do our first function play!

Lets fake that I’m your boyfriend and the 2 of us acquired into a large struggle over your cat.

Enjoyable Reality: I’m undoubtedly not a cat individual (I’m allergic) so I can undoubtedly see myself getting right into a struggle with somebody over a cat.

So, we shuttle over your cat and the struggle begins to evolve as unhealthy fights often do. What began out as a “pleasant” sparring session over you cat turns ugly after we drag every kind of unrelated issues into the struggle.

My mother and father… (HOW DARE YOU)

Your mother and father…

My gigantic muscle groups… (seen above)

How the home by no means will get cleaned…

How I by no means take out the trash.

(You get the concept)

The struggle will get so unhealthy that we break up over it.

A number of days go after the break up and also you try to succeed in out to me.


What’s my response?

“I assumed I advised you to by no means discuss to me once more.”

What the heck do I imply by that?

Effectively, I’ll inform you in a second however first lets deal with the second state of affairs I see a number of with regards to males saying, “by no means discuss to me once more,” to their ex girlfriends.

Scenario 2- You Annoy Your Ex So A lot After The Breakup That He Tells You To By no means Speak To Him Once more

Lets persist with the cat instance above since we had a lot enjoyable with that.

So, the 2 of us used to this point and we broke up attributable to a horrible struggle over your cat.


After the breakup you notice that you just made a horrible mistake and also you need me again.

(It’s about time you got here to your senses.)

Effectively, your technique for getting me again includes messaging me about 30 occasions a day and calling me about 10.

Clearly I like the eye at first however then it will get to be somewhat an excessive amount of and I start to resent you for it.

Ultimately your efforts get so out of hand that I can’t stand to listen to from you anymore.

It’s only when I’m pushed so far that I lay down the regulation.

“Don’t discuss to me anymore.”

What It Means When An Ex Boyfriend Tells You To By no means Speak To Him Once more

what does that even mean

Clearly since I divided this explicit subject up into two totally different conditions,

  1. The couple acquired into a foul struggle that culminated within the man saying “by no means discuss to me once more.”
  2.  The girl always bugs the man and he will get so fed up that he tells her to by no means discuss to him once more.

There are two utterly totally different meanings behind an ex saying “by no means discuss to me once more.”

Similar to above I’m going to divide this part up into two classes,

  1. What it means when an ex says “by no means discuss to me once more” in state of affairs 1
  2. What it means when an ex says “by no means discuss to me once more” in state of affairs 2

Lets begin off on a superb notice first and speak about class primary!

What It Means When Your Ex Boyfriend Says “By no means Speak To Me Once more” In Scenario 1

For these of you who’ve horrible recollections state of affairs 1 is a state of affairs wherein you and your ex boyfriend get into a large struggle and the struggle is culminated with our 5 favourite phrases,

“Don’t discuss to me once more.”

The factor that you just actually have to bear in mind right here is the truth that your ex is saying this from a extremely emotional state.

Breakups have this humorous skill to make even the nicest of individuals flip into offended lunatics.

(Critically, I’ve seen it firsthand.)

So, for those who acquired caught within the crossfire of a heated breakup and your boyfriend stated this to you then don’t take it personally.

I’m positive if he was sincere with himself he actually doesn’t imply it.

Moreover, I can most likely provide you with tons of of examples the place an ex boyfriend stated this to an ex girlfriend after which HE finally ends up being the one which will get involved together with her.

Now, if you’re questioning what’s going on in his thoughts to make him say this within the warmth of the second then look no additional than the curious case of emotional states.

I don’t care how “effectively behaved” a person is.

In the event you push a person laborious sufficient you possibly can all the time get him to say issues he doesn’t imply.

We’re coping with an actual life human being right here and human beings are imperfect. They’ll say issues they don’t imply on occasion. That is very true for those who get into a foul struggle with one.

What all of it boils right down to is the emotional state that your ex boyfriend was in when he stated “by no means discuss to me once more.”

Since we’re trying particularly at him AFTER a struggle you possibly can wager good cash on the truth that he was in a really unfavourable emotional state and in consequence he’s going to say issues that aren’t very logical.

In different phrases, he doesn’t imply it when he says “by no means discuss to me once more.”

However what in regards to the different state of affairs?

Good query!

What It Means When An Ex Says “By no means Speak To Me Once more” In Scenario 2

Scenario 2 is vastly totally different than state of affairs 1.

It appears to be like particularly at a situation the place you (the ex girlfriend) goes somewhat loopy and contacts him an excessive amount of.

How does that look?

Right here’s a superb instance,

crazy annoying

Discover how this woman, Cordelia, is sending waaaayyyyy too many messages to her ex boyfriend.

(Cordelia is a Buffy reference by the best way 😉 .)

Although that’s not all that Cordelia is doing.

Along with sending a bunch of unanswered texts she can also be calling her ex boyfriend up.

After all, holding true to his kind he ignores the calls.

missed call

In actual fact, Cordelia is performing is being so annoying to him that he sends her what she considers to be the kiss of demise,

dont talk to me again

There it’s…

“Don’t discuss to me once more.”

However do you assume her ex boyfriend means it?

Sure he does…


I’m going to inform you the story of a lady that I went out on a date with a very long time in the past.

Now, I didn’t have a relationship with this woman however the identical precept goes to use.

The 2 of us went out on one date and after some pondering on my half I made a decision to tell her in a delicate method that I used to be not taken with her. Now, I didn’t wish to utterly minimize her out of my life. I used to be prepared to stay mates together with her and I defined this to her.

She didn’t take too kindly to this.

As a substitute of simply remaining mates she handled me like I used to be some form of boyfriend that scorned her.

She became a “Cordelia.”

Now, I’m the type of individual that completely hates confrontation so I didn’t wish to have to begin a struggle together with her however I knew I used to be going to have to put down the regulation after I acquired the same textual content message to this someday,

crazy text

Simply to place this in perspective this wasn’t the primary time one thing like this occurred with this explicit woman.

It was simply the newest (and it was by far the worst.)

It was at this level that my “pleasant” nature ceased to exist and Reid (as my spouse likes to name him) got here out.

Reid is my center title in case you had been questioning.

My spouse likes to tease me that any time I get “moody” or “offended” that it’s actually Reid and never me.

Effectively, Reid got here out in spades.


This was my method of claiming “by no means discuss to me once more” and I meant it.

In actual fact, I went up to now that I blocked her quantity from my telephone without end.

So, for those who ever wanted motivation to cease contacting your ex after the breakup that is it.

Let’s transfer on.

It’s Not You, It’s Me


Ah, the great ole, “it’s not you, it’s me” line.

I can’t hep it however each time I hear this I all the time instantly consider George from Seinfield.

(I connected a gif picture initially of this text depicting Georgie’s ideas on this 😉 .)

Anyhow, I simply needed to throw that in.

The factor I wish to flip your consideration to when explaining that is that the phrase “it’s not you, it’s me” can take many kinds.

Too many ladies assume that these actual 5 phrases should be muttered to them for them to be eligible victims and that’s simply not true.

The “it’s not you, it’s me” line has many variations.

For instance, let’s imagine that the 2 of us had been relationship and someday I name you up and say,

“Hey, I had a extremely good time with you however I’m not feeling this anymore… It’s nothing you probably did however I feel we simply must go our separate methods.”

Imagine it or not however the phrase that I simply muttered to you over the breakup telephone name is an extended variation of the “it’s not you, it’s me.”

Critically, actually check out the phrase.

“Hey, I had a extremely good time with you however I’m not feeling this anymoreIt’s nothing you probably did however I feel we simply must go our separate methods.”

You’ll seen that I bolded two elements.

Let’s dissect them.

“I’m not feeling this anymore”

By an ex saying this to you he’s making you conscious that he doesn’t have emotions for you anymore. That a lot is widespread sense. What chances are you’ll not notice although is that by him saying “I’m not feeling this anymore” he’s satisfying the “it’s me” a part of the “it’s not you, it’s me” phrase we’re dissecting on this part.

Lets transfer on the second half.

“It’s nothing you probably did”

Not too laborious to dissect this one.

Your ex is principally telling you that you just didn’t do something to make him depart.

He’s informing you that you’re harmless on this.

“It’s not you..”

Do you see what occurred right here?

I’m ready for 1,000,000 gentle bulbs to go off…

The complete phrase above principally flip flopped the “it’s not you, it’s me” elements into “it’s me, it’s not you.”

It’s simply tougher to see since it’s disguised cleverly round a number of phrases however for those who look laborious sufficient (the daring elements) you will note it.

Lets transfer on to the enjoyable half and dissect what your ex boyfriend actually means if he provides you the Seinfeld excuse.

What He Means When He Says “It’s Not You, It’s Me”

Your ex boyfriend is a liar and I’m going to show why.

Let’s do a enjoyable little train.

You recognize your boyfriend fairly effectively, proper?

Which superstar does he have a small crush on?

(Since I can’t hear your solutions I’m simply going to should make up one for you.)

Let’s imagine that your boyfriend has a large crush on Megan Fox (since she appears to be everybody’s definition of “scorching” proper now.)

Megan Fox Wallpapers

Alright, so let’s imagine that your ex boyfriend is relationship the lady of his goals, Megan Fox.

Realistically are you able to image him telling Megan Fox, “it’s not you, it’s me?”

I can’t…

Heck, I can’t even image him breaking apart together with her.

Look, any many who provides you this sch-peel of “it’s not you, it’s me” is mendacity to you.

What he’s actually attempting to inform you is that “it’s you, it’s not me.”

Males don’t depart ladies who they assume are value it. They depart the ladies they assume aren’t value it. They depart the ladies that they assume they’ll do higher than.

Image a scale of 1-10.


Let’s say that when your ex boyfriend first began relationship you he decided that you just had been an 8 on the dimensions,


As your relationship goes on he lowers your worth to a 6

1-10 copy

Effectively, in his thoughts he’s going to assume “I can do higher than her” at this level and that’s the place to begin to see the “it’s not you’s, it’s me” come into play.

The reality is that in his thoughts it’s you.

“It’s not me, it’s you” = “It’s you, it’s not me”

I By no means Actually Cherished You…



In case your ex boyfriend mutters these phrases to you then I think about it should sting fairly badly.

I imply, saying “I really like you” to somebody and that means it in that deep private method is a giant deal. So, to listen to that your ex boyfriend might doubtlessly be throwing all of that out the window is very painful.

To be sincere I’m not positive that this one requires an excessive amount of of a buildup.

Your ex boyfriend says “I by no means actually liked you” to you…

There, construct up completed!

Lets transfer…

Truly, you recognize what?

I simply considered one thing.

Let’s generalize this.

In the event you actually give it some thought an ex boyfriend who says that he by no means actually liked you might be doing so throughout a extremely emotional second. So, after I begin explaining what he actually means when he says this to you I wish to function underneath the idea that he’s in a extremely emotional state of affairs.

What constitutes as a excessive emotional state of affairs?

  • A breakup
  • A struggle
  • Something like these conditions (I couldn’t consider anymore :p )

Okay, lets transfer on and dissect this one.

What It Means If He Advised You That He By no means Actually Cherished You

does it mean

This case is similar to state of affairs number one when a boyfriend tells you to by no means discuss to him once more.

In the event you recall, in that state of affairs an ex doesn’t actually imply it. He’s simply reacting to the state of affairs he’s in (which is very emotional.)

Effectively, this case is similar to that besides there’s a small twist.

In my view, if an ex boyfriend tells you that he by no means actually liked you he’s simply doing so to harm your emotions and doesn’t actually imply it in any respect.

Lets take a look at issues from his perspective for a second.

He’s going by way of a breakup.

The 2 of you’re most likely combating quite a bit.

He isn’t pretty much as good at dealing with his feelings as you’re.

(In case you missed it I’ve talked a number of occasions at how males are extra bodily and girl are extra emotional and this helps ladies deal with their feelings higher than males.)

Oh, and for those who had been the one which broke up together with your ex boyfriend then it provides that further little cherry on high.

Out of your ex boyfriends perspective you’re the villain and what do males typically do once they come throughout a villain?

They attempt to harm them and knock them down a peg.

So, what’s one of the simplest ways of engaging in this?

Saying one thing tremendous hurtful to you.

I by no means actually liked you” appears to do fairly properly on this circumstance, huh?

1000’s of girls come to this website each single day and each single day they freak out over stuff like this. The reality of the matter is that I don’t even take it that severely. I simply take a look at it as an ex boyfriend attempting to say one thing hurtful.

Deep down he doesn’t actually imply it.

“I by no means actually liked you” = What can I say to harm her probably the most?

I Nonetheless Love You

Understanding this one is fairly self explanatory. Your ex in some unspecified time in the future after the breakup actually tells you one thing like,

  • I really like you
  • I miss you
  • I can’t stay with out you

You recognize, that complete factor.

What makes this explicit “says vs. means” query distinctive is that it’s much less about studying between the traces and understanding what your ex is attempting to inform you.

It’s extra about figuring out whether or not your ex is being genuine with you.

So, are they?

Is Your Ex Being Genuine With You When They Inform You They Love You?

Effectively, this actually depends upon two issues.

Let’s discuss a bit about every now.

Context is necessary.

A number of weeks in the past I had the chance to interview this pretty girl,

One of many issues that struck me about her ex was how he actually advised her that he liked her.

He confirmed up at her home and did it however alluded to this “massive factor” he wanted to inform her.

The “massive factor” was that he liked her and needed her again.

On this context him saying I really like you tends to be extra genuine.

Alternatively, in case your ex is texting it to you with the intent of changing into mates with advantages then it’s quite a bit much less probably that they imply what they’re saying.

In actual fact, it’s much more probably that they’re telling you what they assume you wish to hear in an try and sleep with you.

After which there’s the entire what have they completed to show that they’ve liked you bit.

Carl Jung as soon as stated,

“In the event you can’t work out what somebody is doing then merely take a look at the result.”

Effectively, we’re going to take a cue from our buddy Carl Jung right here.

In the event you can’t work out in case your ex is being genuine once they say they love you merely take a look at what they do.

It’s not the horny reply you need as a result of it takes time. However it works and that’s greater than I can say for lots of recommendation on the market at present.

We Will By no means Get Again Collectively

getting back together

That is most likely the entire motive you needed to learn this text in any case, proper?

Heck, I wouldn’t even be shocked for those who simply scrolled straight right down to this part and skipped all of the others.

I’ll say one factor.

Indubitably this is without doubt one of the high questions that I get requested each day.

Often it goes somewhat one thing like this,

“Chris, my boyfriend advised me that we’ve no probability of getting again along with him, ZERO. Do you assume he’s proper? Is it over for me?”

It is a query I can’t wait to deal with in-depth.

So, slightly than spend 500 phrases setting this up I’m simply going to get proper right down to the meat of this.

What He Actually Means When He Says You Two Will By no means Get Again Collectively

text mean

Lets take a giant view of exes usually.

Extra particularly, the business I’m at present part of.

What if I had been to inform you that this can be a million greenback business?

What if I had been to inform you that your loved one Ex Boyfriend Restoration website continues to be a small fish in a giant pond?

Would you consider me?

Effectively, it’s true.

There are tons of of so referred to as specialists on the market which are attempting to capitalize in your {dollars}.

Now, that could be a scary factor so that you can hear since the very last thing you need is to be taken benefit of.

Oh, by the best way you need to take a look at my program, Ex Boyfriend Restoration Program 😉 .

No, I’m simply kidding.

The purpose I’m attempting to get at right here is that the one motive that this business is taken into account “thriving” is as a result of {couples} do get again collectively. Heck, {couples} say the meanest potential issues to one another and nonetheless get again collectively.

“I hate you…”

(Again collectively in every week!)

“Burn in he**”

(Again collectively in a day!)

“We’re by no means getting again collectively once more”

(Again collectively in 3 months!)

In case your ex boyfriend says that the 2 of you’ll by no means get again collectively once more then I wouldn’t take it to coronary heart as a result of I’ve seen an excessive amount of flip flopping in my time to purchase into it utterly.

Now, lets not utterly discredit all males.

There are some that actually do imply it once they say we’re by no means getting again collectively once more.

Nevertheless, for my part I feel them saying it’s actually a operate of what was completed to them within the relationship.

The Significance Of Percentages

I like assigning proportion values to conditions primarily based on how excessive the possibilities of success are for a reconnection.

This proportion quantity is assigned primarily based on my private information and expertise seeing a lifetime value of breakups.

For instance, a normal breakup would have a 30% probability of a reconnection. What I attempt to do is assist ladies transfer that quantity up considerably.

So, possibly a normal breakup proportion begins at 30% however after utilizing my methods it will get bumped as much as 50%.

After all, not all breakups are created equal.

Some proportion values are a lot decrease than the 30% mark.

For instance, for those who take two of the toughest conditions,

  • Dishonest
  • He Will get A New Girlfriend

As a substitute of these conditions beginning on the normal 30% mark they’d begin on the 10 – 20% marks respectively.

Clearly these conditions are tougher to reach.

It’s in these conditions that an ex boyfriend can be extra prone to imply it if he stated, “we’re by no means getting again collectively.”

Get it?


Okay, let me dig somewhat deeper for you.

Let’s imagine that the 2 of us had been relationship and also you cheated on me with my finest buddy…

Truly, lets make issues worse and say that I walked in on you and him in mattress collectively.

Okay, not solely would that scar/mess me up for all times but when I’d say, “we’re by no means getting again collectively,” to you then I’d imply it.

It’s these excessive conditions which have a low proportion of success that it’s a must to be careful for. These are the varieties of conditions the place an ex boyfriend might imply it if he says that he by no means desires to get again with you.

Right here’s a fast rundown of the conditions the place he might say “we’re by no means getting again collectively” and imply it.

  • He cheated on you
  • You cheated on him
  • He will get a brand new girlfriend

Now, earlier than I end this text up lastly I wish to just remember to absolutely grasp what I’m telling you right here.

It’s only in probably the most excessive conditions the place he may actually imply what he’s saying.

So, what all of it boils right down to is a operate of how extreme the injury through the relationship was to him.

We Are By no means Getting Again Collectively = In the event you harm me an excessive amount of through the relationship I might imply this

After all, I’ve additionally helped ladies get again with their exes in all of the state of affairs above so technically nothing is about in stone…

Simply saying.

I Don’t Need To Harm You Once more

hurt you

What the HECK?!?!

That is probably the most thoughts boggling assertion he might make, proper?

I’m going to provide the secret as to why he stated this! Prepared?

He’s simply attempting to come back off as the great man right here. It’s actually that straightforward.

By saying,

“I don’t wish to harm you once more”

He’s making himself sound just like the hero. He’s attempting to sound like he’s defending you however in actuality he’s solely being egocentric.

What a hero, proper?

What He Means When He Says I Don’t Need To Harm You

hurt you

It seems like some type of BS line to me. Let’s face it, if he actually didn’t wish to harm you once more, the answer is straightforward…

He shouldn’t do something silly. 🙂

There are 1,000,000 totally different ways in which he might harm you. Let’s take a second to dissect a few of them.

The primary one which involves thoughts is Dishonest.

Effectively, completely that may harm you, however might he forestall this?

Sure, he most actually can.

So, the,

“I don’t wish to harm you once more” assertion doesn’t actually maintain up right here.

What about if he was emotionally abusive?

He might go to remedy and get assist. There are a lot of issues he might do to attempt to protect your relationship as a substitute of backing out and providing you with the excuse of,

“I don’t wish to harm you once more.”

However on this case I personally consider you need to be the one breaking apart with him anyway.

He might be afraid of dedication in order the connection will get nearer he’s backing away.

You’re searching for a life with him.

Marriage, kids the entire 9 yards but when he’s not able to decide to you then he might use the road “I don’t wish to harm you once more” particularly if he’s expressed his emotions on the topic already.

We might go on and on all day about methods he might harm you however when it comes right down to it it’s a method for him to take away himself from the connection and seem like the great man. Some guys actually are that involved with their picture.

How do I do know?

Effectively, I’m a man and I’ve really seen this completed first hand to a lady earlier than.


My finest buddy in faculty was what I’d classify as a complete girls man. What do I imply by that?

Easy, this man knew how one can get a girl consuming out of the palm of his hand. Now, I bear in mind the primary time I watched him work his voodoo on a lady I used to be impressed however after some time it grew to become clear that the woman he labored “stated voodoo on” was far more connected to him than he was to her.

Thus, a breakup was inevitable.

However my buddy was so obsessive about being perceived because the “good man” that he determined to make use of the,

“I simply know that if we hold relationship I’m going to harm you and I don’t need that for you”


Tsk.. Tsk… Tsk….

All so he might shield his good man picture.

You Deserve Higher Than Me

You recognize what’s humorous about this? I’ve actually filmed a video and written a complete article about this very factor.

So right here’s how this works.

Often your ex goes to say one thing to you want, “We shouldn’t be collectively as a result of I’m not ok for you.”


“We shouldn’t be collectively since you deserve higher than me.”

They body the breakup because the selfless act on their half. As if they’re a saint that may do no incorrect they usually put you above themselves.

Let me inform you what it actually means.

What An Ex Saying “You Deserve Higher Than Me” Actually Means

I’ve lengthy been a proponent that human beings are extremely egocentric with regards to relationship choices.

So, to your ex to border themselves as one of many solely altruistic people on the market appears a bit fishy to me.

In the event you actually give it some thought at its core a breakup is one get together telling one other get together that they assume they’ll discover somebody who can higher fulfill their wants.

That appears fairly egocentric to me.

Nevertheless, nobody likes to assume that they’re egocentric. Additionally, nobody likes to produce other folks assume that they’re egocentric.

So, they spin this by reframing the breakup as if they’re doing it to your profit.

The fact is they only don’t wish to be left with the blame. They wish to retain your imaginative and prescient of them as a standup altruistic caring particular person.

So, they manipulate you into pondering they’re that.

When in actuality they aren’t.

We Can Nonetheless Be Buddies

best friends

I need you to take a second and picture one thing for me.

You’re residing the right life. You’ve an ideal household, an ideal job, nice mates and an ideal boyfriend. However someday you discover your boyfriend has a really unhappy look on his face.

You’ve seen this look earlier than.

It’s the look of a person who’s about to ship some unhealthy information to you.

That’s when he does it.

He breaks up with you.

However he can’t assist simply including on this one line…

“We are able to nonetheless be mates.”

You’ve been intimate on each degree, emotionally and bodily and he desires to be mates!?!?

At that second it appears like he’s attempting to remain in your life and that’s good, proper? WRONG!

What’s actually occurring in his head?

Why would he say that?

Does he really imply it or is he simply saying it?

Maybe he desires to remain mates to have the potential for getting again collectively sooner or later?

These are all questions you’re most likely discovered your self asking.

I’m going to provide the low down on all of those unanswered questions and actually convey you into the thoughts of a male.

Are you prepared?

It may be a scary place… however the excellent news is I’m going to stroll you thru it and provide you with steerage on what to do if he says he simply desires to be mates.

What Does He Imply When He Says We Can Nonetheless Be Buddies

cop out

That is the best method to your ex to interrupt up with you. He doesn’t have to harm your emotions in his thoughts as a result of he nonetheless desires to be mates. It additionally secures a backup girlfriend in case his “publish you” relationship escapades don’t work out.

Consider it this fashion, he’s acquired you on the sidelines ready round for him whereas he does no matter he desires. He might even strive a mates with advantages state of affairs down the road.

Check out this graphic.


Via this graphic I’m exhibiting you what’s occurring in his head.

Your misplaced in a sea of girls.

Simply one other quantity.

However there are two methods to interrupt this trick he’s pulling…

One of the best factor you are able to do on this state of affairs is to say,

“Positive we will be mates” after which begin your no contact.

The second factor is changing into an ungetttable woman. You’ll be able to learn extra about changing into an ungettable woman right here.

However I offers you a quick description of how one can do each right here. First off, you’ll have to go utterly ghost on him. Don’t reply his texts if he texts you. Don’t reply his calls. Don’t “by chance” name him. 😉 (I see this occur every day) That is most likely probably the most troublesome factor that you’re going to should undergo.

Your mind is hardwired to speak to him however like I stated above, you possibly can’t. So, I’m going to show you a trick that I don’t assume I’ve ever talked about on Ex Boyfriend Restoration earlier than.

I need you to put in writing down his quantity on a chunk of paper twice.

Put one in your dresser and one in a small lock field.

Now, exit and purchase a calendar. It’s necessary that this calendar is one thing that you just love to have a look at on a regular basis. There are such a lot of totally different ones on the market, Island paradise calendars, footage of Europe calendars, puppies, kittens, infants, scorching air balloons and many others.

Decide one that can make you are feeling good each time you take a look at it.

Put your calendar up in plain view the place you will note it every day and circle the date that your no contact interval is up.

Are you with me up to now?





Okay, right here comes the laborious half.

I need you to delete his quantity!

That’s proper, utterly delete it out of your telephone. This manner you’ll not have any temptations or “accidents.” You’ll nonetheless have his quantity in two totally different spots so that you gained’t have to fret about by no means getting it again once more.

Oh and yet another factor on the subject of no contact.

Don’t block him.

I repeat don’t block him on something. That may solely make your life method tougher. Simply don’t reply any texts or calls which are from unknown numbers.

Acquired it?


Let’s transfer on and discuss in regards to the ungettable woman.

I need you to take out that very same calendar and mark a weekly aim. I need you to place one thing on there every day and do it.

For instance, if you wish to look your finest possibly you’d put:

March 1st- Hair coloring appointment.
March 2nd- Begin Fitness center Membership. (Or particular exercises at house.)
March Third- Go to a make-up demo.
March 4th- Paint nails.
March Fifth- Be part of a co-ed indoor soccer staff.

You get the purpose.

Not solely will this distract you and provide you with one thing to deal with apart from your ex, it offers you confidence. You’ll feel and appear your finest!

The opposite half to being an ungettable woman is to grow to be the woman that each man desires.

Even for those who technically aren’t there are particular methods to painting this persona.

For instance, whenever you lastly go on that first date together with your ex boyfriend stroll in entrance of him since ladies usually stroll in entrance of males on dates and take a look at a man (who isn’t your ex.) The concept right here is to make it seem like this different man is checking you out.

Let’s function play this for a second.

Let’s imagine that I’m a girl.

Let’s name me….



Isn’t {that a} fairly girl?

I actually assume so haha!

Anyhow, lets fake that I’m on a date with my ex and I wish to do that methodology out. I’m strolling right into a restaurant and since my ex is a gents he holds the door open for me. As I’m strolling in I discover that there’s a man strolling in direction of me. Effectively, I’d take a look at him out of the nook of my eye.

Now, the necessary factor to grasp right here is that it’s apparent to this different man that I’m taking a look at him. And what do folks do when they’re checked out?


However right here is probably the most genius half.

My ex is behind me the whole time. So, though I’m technically the one who made the man take a look at me, to my ex it appears to be like like this man is checking me out. Oh, and since I’m such a superb trying woman the man “checking me out” smiles and nods.

Further bonus factors! 🙂

However lets get out of this fantasy world the place I’m a girl and are available again to the true world the place I’m educating you to grow to be the ungettable woman.

One other fascinating side of the UG is that they’re all the time busy. You wish to be impartial. In the event you’ve been together with your ex for a very long time the possibilities are fairly excessive that you’re relying on him an excessive amount of. Whether or not it’s for emotional stability or happiness you’ll have to present him that you would be able to be completely satisfied by yourself. It’s good to really feel needed and wanted and he’ll miss that feeling after some time.

General, this case is definitely great for a breakup as a result of he’s pondering your going to be mates with him however little does he know he’s getting the chilly shoulder for a number of weeks so he can reassess his choice and through this time your changing into a model of your self that he have by no means met earlier than.

Such is the trail of the ungettable woman.

I By no means Favored You Anways

dont like you

So that is one among my favourite traces. “I by no means favored you anyway.”

You ought to be pondering,

“Come on, we’ve dated for six months, a 12 months, two years and but you threw away your whole treasured time to an individual you by no means even favored. HAHA”

It’s nearly comical when a man says this to his ex nevertheless it occurs on a regular basis.

It’s a really related state of affairs to the “I by no means liked you” remark that I’ve talked about earlier than. They’re related feedback however mockingly have utterly totally different meanings. I feel it’s secure to say that in case your ex has advised you that he by no means liked you the minimize from that may be very deep. That’s such a hurtful factor to say. Saying I by no means favored you undoubtedly hurts nevertheless it’s a poor man’s “I by no means liked you.”

That’s the reality.

Why Your Ex Says He By no means Favored You

dont like you

Take my buddy “Bob” for instance,

(By the best way Bob is a pretend title for a buddy.)

His girlfriend and him had been relationship for two years they usually acquired right into a heated argument and he brings out the world well-known line,

“Effectively, I by no means even favored you.”

You see, Bob and his ex had been combating over cash which is without doubt one of the high causes {couples} struggle.

He had the gall to say, “I can’t consider to procure that $150 gown”

(This coming from a person who purchased 3 video video games that ended up costing the identical because the gown.)

Guess what occurred subsequent?

Yup, you bought it!

Bob’s ex went bat shit loopy and began throwing his video games round whereas yelling and crying. In the end this was the final struggle of their relationship. She walked out utterly.

A number of days handed and he or she began pondering to herself,

“Man, I feel I made a mistake.”

So, she determined to name him once more in an try and patch issues up. However Bob, being the genius he’s, decides to convey up the entire online game debacle once more and the 2 of them began arguing once more!

That’s when he stated it…

“Effectively, I by no means even favored you in any case…”

Her coronary heart dropped to the ground. She stored pondering,

“He can’t actually imply that, proper?”

So, why did Bob say it?

I bear in mind asking him,

“Why did you say that to her?”

This was his response:

“I’m simply so sick of combating together with her. I simply couldn’t take it anymore.”

Apparently Bob thought that this could be the best strategy to cease the struggle and to eliminate her (in the interim.)

I Want I By no means Met You

never met you meme

Coming from a man that most likely stated,

“You’re one of the best factor that ever occurred to me”


“I’m so glad I met you”

All through your relationship.

It most likely threw you off utterly listening to him say I want I by no means met you.

So, lets take a second and dissect what’s actually occurring in his head.

What He Actually Means When He Says I Want I By no means Met You

The reality is that it might imply a number of various things. The very first thing that involves thoughts is one among my favourite quotes from Good Will Searching.

“Most days I want I by no means met you as a result of then I might sleep at night time and I wouldn’t should stroll round with the information there was somebody such as you on the market.”

One thing tells me your ex didn’t say it on this method, in any other case you most likely wouldn’t be on this website.

However the gentle on the finish of the tunnel is that what he actually meant when he says he needs he by no means met you is that he’s very harm by you. You’ve introduced out such robust emotions that he can’t cope with. It’s really not the worst factor when a man reacts emotionally like this as a result of it signifies that he has emotions in direction of you. Even when they’re unfavourable emotions, he nonetheless has ardour with regards to you.

If he was nonchalant and aloof then you need to fear somewhat extra.

Oftentimes males don’t know how one can categorical themselves in addition to ladies do and they also resort to the best factor that involves thoughts.

It’s fairly infantile actually.

They are saying issues they don’t imply and a number of occasions they find yourself regretting it. It by no means feels good to struggle. Within the second it relieves some stress however later folks typically really feel unhealthy about it.

I’d be prepared to wager your ex will remorse or no less than really feel unhealthy about issues he says to you within the warmth of the second in some unspecified time in the future.

Even when he says issues like “I want I by no means met you.”

He Purposefully Avoids You

What does this seem like?

Effectively, often after a breakup there are a number of difficult feelings.

Women and men react in every kind of how to those feelings. Some like to begin arguments. Others wish to run away.

With this explicit motion you’re usually coping with an ex who’s attempting to keep away from interplay with you.

This will are available many kinds.

  • They don’t reply to your textual content messages
  • They see you within the hallway and switch the opposite method
  • They cease frequenting locations that the 2 of you may intersect.

The query you’re coming to me to reply is why?

What Does It Imply If An Ex Avoids You?

I’ve been on report saying that the other of affection isn’t hate, it’s indifference.

So, I’m not going to sit down right here and mislead you and say that your ex avoiding you is an efficient factor it’s not.

What we’ve to have a look at although is that if they’re ghosting you or avoiding you.

Somebody who ghosts you often does that with the intent of by no means speaking to you once more (most notice their mistake or break this intent in some unspecified time in the future.)

However I’ll say that when you have an ex who’s avoiding you that means they acknowledge you in these small methods however gained’t have interaction with you immediately it’s often a sign that they’re frightened of a confrontation.

We see this quite a bit in avoidant exes.

They view themselves as impartial and never needing any outdoors drama to impression their lives however on the similar time they crave closeness.

It’s a little bit of a paradox however let’s proceed strolling this tight rope.

An avoidant ex will take a look at interactions with you as pointless drama and they also will keep away from them.

The necessary factor to recollect right here is that it’s not something you probably did incorrect.

That is extra in regards to the narrative that’s in your exes head.

So, it’s actually no use hyper analyzing the previous and beating your self up over it.

Avoidant exes often do come round.

He Hugs You

This one goes to be naturally shorter as a result of I don’t actually have quite a bit to say about it.

Your ex hugs you.

This may be after a breakup.

This may be throughout a breakup.

They principally hug you.

Does it imply something?

Does An Ex Hugging You Imply Something?

The reply to that is that “it relies upon.”

  • When the hug occurs
  • How significant the hug is

These are the 2 elements you’ll wish to take note of.

Usually talking if a hug occurs initially of a date then it’s not that significant.

If a hug occurs at a breakup then it’s not that massive of a deal.

If the hug occurs after a date that has gone rather well, it means one thing.

However how do you establish a significant hug versus a non significant one.

My go to has all the time been size of time hugged and intestine feeling.

In case your ex rapidly hugs you initially of a date that’s basically the identical factor as them saying howdy.

But when it occurs on the finish of the date and the hug lasts for a very long time.

Then it means one thing.

It’s not rocket science.

You Want To Transfer On

This one is fairly self explanatory too.

Your ex breaks up with you and in some unspecified time in the future you both beg for them again or do one thing that makes them assume you need them again.

To which they reply,

“You recognize… you need to actually transfer on.”

It’s really not unusual.

We’ve seen this occur quite a bit.

So, what does your ex imply?

What Your Ex Means When They Inform You To Transfer On

One of many first success tales that I ever interviewed was a girl by the title of Sarah Michelle,

On the very starting of the interview Sarah says one thing fascinating.

Her ex actually advised her,

  • I don’t care about you
  • I don’t love you

And after going by way of our program (as a result of it’s superior) she got here to search out out that he didn’t actually imply any of it.

It is a bit difficult to elucidate but when your ex is telling you to maneuver on then they do imply it within the second.

The important thing factor to wrap your head round is that “within the second” half.

When your ex is telling you that they need you to maneuver on they do need you to maneuver on.

Nevertheless, these emotions are topic to vary and it’s not set in stone.

We additionally know from finding out avoidants that they’ll are inclined to push you away when coping with difficult feelings (like a breakup) and also you simply want to provide them area which is certainly troublesome to do.

I Nonetheless Care About You

Once more, an easy one to grasp.

Sooner or later after the breakup your ex says to you,

“Look I nonetheless care about you deeply.”

The actual problem with this phrase isn’t in figuring out it however slightly understanding it.

What Does Your Ex Imply When They Say That They Nonetheless Care About You?

I assume to additional dive into that line of pondering we have to establish the context wherein it was stated.

Having an ex say,

“I care about you a large number however I’m simply not taken with relationship you proper now”

Is quite a bit totally different than them merely saying,

“I care about you.”

So, right here’s the final rule of thumb I like to inform my purchasers. If an ex is saying “however” on the finish of the this assertion it’s often not genuine.

In the event that they aren’t saying “however” on the finish of the assertion then the possibilities are greater that your ex is being genuine.

The Breakup Is Your Fault

We run throughout this quite a bit and I’ll say that understanding this one is definitely quite a bit simpler than figuring out it.


Effectively, typically occasions your ex can “blame” you for the breakup with out really blaming you.

In different phrases they assume it versus verbalizing it.

Take note of their physique language whenever you discuss to them. In the event you catch them rolling their eyes or scoffing whenever you say one thing it’s not a stretch to assume that they blame you for the breakup.

Even when they broke up with you and induced the breakup.

What Your Ex Means When Your Ex Says The Breakup Is Your Fault

That is an fascinating one to psychoanalyze as a result of typically occasions your ex turns into irrational about blaming you for the breakup.

Coach Anna and I did this actually incredible interview the place we talked about anger and exes,

We principally concluded that a number of occasions an ex grows offended at you irrationally as a result of it’s simpler to mission their anger onto somebody or one thing versus themselves.

It is a excellent clarification of the “blame recreation” your ex is enjoying right here.

I’ve not often encountered a state of affairs the place one individual is totally responsible for a breakup.

So, what’s most probably taking place is that your ex is blaming you in order that they don’t really feel responsible about taking accountability for the errors they made.

It’s quite a bit simpler to say,

“You made me flirt with different folks since you weren’t giving me what I wanted in a relationship”

Versus the reality,

“I used to be too afraid to inform you what I wanted to make the connection work.”

And they also blame you as a result of it’s the best factor to do.

Let’s Meet Up And Speak

This one is a enjoyable one.

Often it happens in two distinct moments.

  1. Instantly after a no contact rule the place you will have ignored them.
  2. When issues are going actually good within the rapport constructing section

Sooner or later your ex simply decides to blurt out,

“Hey we should always meet up and discuss.”

Different variations of this embrace exes saying,

“Hey let’s seize a cup of espresso a while.”

So, do they imply it?

What Does Your Ex Imply When They Say Let’s Meet Up And Speak

More often than not your ex is being genuine once they ask to see you.

Nevertheless, there are two issues I’d like to speak to you about with this.

The primary is that you just shouldn’t entertain the concept of assembly up precisely once they wish to. In different phrases, it’s nearly all the time higher to just accept however change the date.


Effectively, due to the second factor I’m going to speak to you about at present.

We’ve got seen an alarming development the place exes give combined indicators. In different phrases, they’re having this large inner battle of their head and within the second they really feel like they wish to see you however later remorse it.

By prolonged the date you get to smell out if that is taking place.

My Ex Is Being Extremely Good To Me

I made a decision to incorporate this one as a result of a number of our purchasers have a tough time understanding why their ex is being so good to them after a breakup.

Often one of these habits will embrace,

  • Saying good issues
  • Asking you out to enjoyable locations
  • You get it.

So, what’s occurring right here?

What Your Ex Is Doing When They Are Being Extremely Good To You?

Staying with our widespread development right here what you’re searching for is context.

In what context is your ex being good to you?

Are they being good to you as a result of they need one thing?

I’m going to level you again to that Carl Jung line,

“In the event you can’t work out what somebody is doing then merely take a look at the result.

Actions are louder than phrases.

My essential concern is that we’ve seen mates with advantages conditions come up and people are all the time troublesome to climb your method out of.

It’s somewhat like opening pandoras field.

Loads of women and men assume mates with advantages are type of apparent. That your ex will blatantly make their intentions recognized.

That’s not what occurs in any respect. It’s often messy and complicated and laborious to search out that line.

So, if you wish to discover out in case your ex is being authentically good to you as a result of they care about you then merely take Carl Jung recommendation.

Take a look at the result.

Which can admittedly take time however you will have time.

They Broke Up With You With out An Rationalization

This one I think about to be the closure query.

Your ex broke up with you out of the blue with out an evidence. You’re left shell shocked and also you don’t know how one can react.

After the smoke clears you’re left wanting an evidence or on the very least closure.

Why Your Ex Broke Up With You With out An Rationalization

As a substitute of staying true to our format right here on this information I assumed I’d change issues up a bit since this actually isn’t a conventional says vs means.

That is extra like understanding the shortage of closure that follows you round wherever you go.

So, why did your ex break up with you and never provide you with an evidence.

There are actually two parts at work right here.

  1. They don’t wish to harm your emotions
  2. Self preservation.

The reality is that they don’t assume you possibly can deal with the true motive they broke up with you in order that they both make a pretend one up or one which doesn’t make a number of sense.

The self preservation half comes into play as a result of if we’re sincere your ex not telling you the true motive they broke up with you is in order that they nonetheless are checked out favorably by you.

I Need To Be Single And Have Enjoyable

This one is type of uncommon for my part.

Often it occurs throughout a weak or vindictive second the place they get overly offended and it slips out.

Or like I stated, they wish to be extremely vindictive.

More often than not your ex gained’t blatantly say “I wish to be single and have enjoyable with out you.”

As a substitute they’ll say,

“I wish to transfer on…”

“I can discover somebody higher than you.”

Not very good, proper?

So, does your ex imply it?

What Your Ex Means When They Say They Need To Be Single Have Enjoyable

Bear in mind a number of phrases again after I talked about that an ex can authentically imply one thing however change their thoughts later.

That’s type of what occurs right here.

Having your ex say they wish to transfer on to another person is a traditional grass is greener syndrome.

And the factor about GIGS is that typically it really works out and typically it doesn’t.

That’s just about this one in a nutshell.

I Need To Get Again Collectively

This one is maybe the best one.

In case your ex is telling you that they wish to get again collectively they imply it…

And relying in your objectives (particularly for those who purchased our program to get your ex again) you need to take them again.



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