To be fairly trustworthy with you I can’t consider that I haven’t written a information over this sooner.

I imply, I do contact on this matter in my books, PRO and The Texting Bible and I’ve even recorded a podcast over the subject however that’s not the identical as writing considered one of my world well-known guides.

So, how ought to I begin this?


There’s a well-known quote by Sherry Argov that goes,

Earlier than intercourse, a person isn’t considering clearly and a lady is considering clearly. After intercourse, it reverses. The person is considering clearly and a lady isn’t.

As a lot as I hate to agree with a competitor, Argov has written many books serving to the identical girls that I assist, she speaks the reality with that quote.

This leads us to your present predicament.

You slept together with your ex boyfriend and you are attempting to determine how on this planet you will get him to decide to you.

Effectively, let me simply let you know that you simply got here to the fitting place!

At the moment I’m going to present you a really lengthy in-depth rationalization of what you will must do to efficiently win him again in the event you slept with him.

Lets go!

Understanding Your Scenario


I’m going to be trustworthy with you.

I struggled with developing with a title for this part.

Initially I had written down,

“Your Mistake…”

However as extra time went on I started to appreciate that, which will rub off on some folks the fallacious method. In any case, it’s a bit too early within the article to start out berating you on your resolution.



I suppose by admitting that I simply did berate you.

Okay, I’ll cease pulling punches to guard you.

By sleeping together with your ex boyfriend you made a reasonably large mistake.

I imply, there’s a purpose that probably the most requested questions I get is,

“Chris, I slept with my ex boyfriend and ever since that second issues have modified. He infrequently talks to me anymore and when he does he’s very distant.”

I suppose the easiest way for me that can assist you perceive “Your Predicament” is to show you ways intercourse pertains to chase principle.

(I discuss Chase Concept in my guide, Ex Boyfriend Restoration PRO.)

Intercourse, Males And Chase Concept

Have you ever ever heard my chase principle on the subject of males?

It principally goes like this,

chase theory

Does that make any sense?


Okay, whereas no man will overtly admit this most of us truly love the chase.

And the extra time that we’ve invested into the chase the extra seemingly our emotions are to develop for the individual we’re chasing.

Let me offer you an instance.

Lets fake that Bob,

man chasing

Has a MAJOR crush on Carla,


So he decides to make her his girlfriend.

In fact, all of his makes an attempt to “chase” are turned down by Carla. However Bob isn’t one to surrender very simply so he continues to chase. This dance of Carla rejecting and Bob chasing slowly however absolutely improve Carla’s attractiveness to Bob,

carlas attractiveness

Fairly quickly he will get what can solely be described as “tunnel imaginative and prescient” the place each lady he ever meets is all the time in comparison with the emotions he has for Carla and no lady ever measures up.

His whole life turns into about successful Carla’s affection.

That is chase principle in a nutshell.

Males need what they’ll’t have, keep in mind?

This additionally leads us to your scenario.

Chase principle for an ex girlfriend and an ex boyfriend is a bit totally different because of the truth that he has already gotten you. As an alternative, and I notice I’m going to take some main warmth for this, ex boyfriends generally tend to chase one thing totally different…


Lets make one other enjoyable graphic to exhibit this,

chase theory

Now, are all ex boyfriends like this?


Nonetheless, since that is an article about educating girls the right way to get an ex again in the event that they slept with him I’m going to exit on a limb right here and say that you’ve got a boyfriend who’s like this.

I imply, he has already demonstrated that to be the case.

Now, considered one of two issues goes to occur at this level.

  1. He’s going to be glad since he caught what he was chasing and won’t chase you anymore.
  2. He’s going to be glad since he caught what he was chasing and can proceed to chase however ONLY for intercourse.

Lets check out what runs via a mans thoughts in every of those conditions.

He Will Be Happy That He Caught What He Was Chasing And Will Not Chase You Anymore

go away

What occurs when a person catches what he was chasing?

Effectively, then he gained’t chase it anymore. He has already achieved his purpose and on this case that purpose is attempting to have intercourse with you.

I hear about this one lots from girls who generally ask me,

So, we slept collectively and it was superb! BUT ever since then he hasn’t known as, texted or something. And after I lastly do get in contact with him he desires nothing to do with me. What do I do?

So, what goes via a mans thoughts to make him act this fashion?

Effectively, as a lot as I hate to say it, it seems to be like a person who acts on this method is solely motivated by intercourse and nothing else.



I do know it sucks however these are the details.

A few of my extra avid followers will know that I’m an enormous believer of actions versus phrases and in case your ex boyfriends actions all the time appear to steer again to intercourse then it will make sense that, that’s what he desires.

Consider Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mom,

Barney Stinson

This man is the definition of a participant.

All he desires is intercourse.

For instance, he learns these elaborate pickup routines to choose up women and finally ends up sleeping with them.

After he’s finished sleeping with them he kicks them out of his home. If that doesn’t scream “All ABOUT SEX” I don’t know what is going to.

Granted, he’s a hilarious TV character but when your ex boyfriend is an actual life model of Barney Stinson you then would end up on this precise circumstance (the place he would by no means name you.)

Lets transfer on to our subsequent scenario

He Will Be Happy That He Caught What He Was Chasing And Then Proceed To Strive To Get It

want it meme

Three phrases…

Three easy phrases sum up this case completely.

Associates With Advantages

It’s nearly each single mans dream. To have a good friend (who’s a lady) that he can use for intercourse when he desires after which ditch her when he desires after which use her for intercourse once more.

However what goes via a mans thoughts to make him arrive right here?

I imply, at one level you had been in a dedicated relationship with this man.

So, what occurred?

Effectively, this can be exhausting so that you can hear but when your ex boyfriend and you might be in a FWB (associates with advantages) settlement together with your ex then he has no intention of being your boyfriend once more.

Lets have a look at the details.

The Info

  • You and your ex boyfriend broke up
  • The 2 of you slept collectively after the breakup
  • This lead him to proceed to attempt to see you which ones all the time appeared to result in intercourse
  • The 2 of you in all probability haven’t categorised your little association as FWB but

Now lets dissect the details,

You And Your Ex Boyfriend Broke Up

This tells us that sooner or later your ex boyfriend got here to the conclusion that he doesn’t wish to be with you. Effectively, both that or that he agreed together with your resolution to interrupt up with him.

The Two Of You Slept Collectively After The Breakup

Ah the chase…

Bear in mind, in case your ex boyfriend will get what he’s chasing (intercourse) then it’s logical to suppose that he’ll both not chase anymore since he acquired what he need or he’ll proceed to chase you till he will get it once more.

Lets discover out which one.

He Continues To Chase Intercourse From You

In case your ex boyfriend chases you always for intercourse again and again then you already know that he made his resolution as to if he’ll depart the chase or proceed it to attempt to arrange a associates with advantages sort of conditions.

Talking of associates with advantages…

I Guess If You Are In A FWB Relationship The Two Of You Haven’t Categorized It As One

You see, within the films and TV there all the time appears to be this inevitable dialog the place a pair, in settlement, decides to have a associates with advantages relationship.

Actual life is way murkier although.

There’s a destructive stigma that surrounds associates with advantages as a result of in the end one individual will all the time need extra. In addition to, I’ve but to fulfill a lady that wishes to be associates with advantages for the remainder of her life. So, what finally ends up taking place is that there’s an unwritten settlement the place two folks embark on a FWB relationship with no dialog ever going down.

That is fairly widespread.

However what about crucial query.

How do you get out of a associates with advantages scenario and get again right into a dedicated relationship?

Good query.

I suppose it begins with shifting your paradigm a bit and making some large adjustments.

Lets discuss that for a second.

Large Change #1- No Extra Intercourse

no sex for you

This one is a no brainer.

From this level on you aren’t allowed to have intercourse together with your ex boyfriend anymore.


As a result of you are attempting to get your ex boyfriend used to a world the place he has to work for the fitting to be intimate with you. Now, count on some push again from him instantly after you make this modification.

From what I find out about males we don’t like being informed “no” on the subject of intercourse.

Oh, I additionally ought to point out that I’m telling you this as a result of he’ll in all probability disappear for just a few weeks earlier than popping up once more.

Let me offer you an instance of what I imply by this.

These of you who’re aware of this web site know that I get quite a lot of feedback.

Hundreds upon hundreds of individuals asking me questions on their explicit scenario. Actually, it grew to become so overwhelming that I ended up writing a guide to higher reply their inquiries. In any case, I keep in mind receiving a personal message after I had posted this podcast episode about sleeping with an ex.

The lady who personal messaged me wished to know what she needed to do to get her ex again despite the fact that she was form of in a associates with advantages scenario.

I gave her actually easy recommendation.

Minimize him off from intercourse…

Okay, I may need been extra particular than that.

I may need talked about that she shouldn’t give him intercourse till he commits to her in a relationship.

So, after fascinated about it for just a few days the lady determined that she would attempt issues my method.

So she did.

She knowledgeable her ex boyfriend that the 2 of them would not be sleeping collectively and that she was bored with getting used for intercourse.

How do you suppose he took the information?

thiknking face

Are you loopy?


He went completely berserk.

Actually, I don’t suppose I can discover a dictionary to cowl the entire imply issues that he known as the lady.

In fact, after the “push again” the lady got here again to yours actually to present me a bit of her thoughts.

“You ruined my life…”

“I ought to have by no means listened to your recommendation…”

“Now he won’t ever take me again…”

I didn’t hear from her after that…

UNTIL a couple of month later.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 6.26.42 PM

(You possibly can click on to enlarge it.)

What’s the purpose of telling you this story?

I would like you to enter this and notice that what I’m proposing right here is just not going to be the most well-liked concept to your ex boyfriend BUT it’s what you will must do to present your self the perfect shot at success.

Lets discuss concerning the second huge change that you’re going to must make.

Large Change #2- The “Predominant Prize” Awaits The Man Who Commits To You

commitment dog

What do you suppose I imply by “fundamental prize?”

Is it some gigantic current {that a} man will obtain when he commits to you?

gigantic present

Effectively, I suppose metaphorically it’s.

In case you haven’t caught on but the massive prize is intercourse!

Actually, I briefly talked about this “huge change” of no intercourse till a dedication takes place within the part above after I was telling you that story concerning the push again from the ladies ex boyfriend.

Now, why is it so necessary to chop off intercourse till a dedication happens?

As I’m about to clarify males are very motivated by intercourse and we will use this to our benefit in a method by dangling intercourse in entrance of him to steer him to a dedication.


Maybe I might clarify this higher.

Okay, you already know the story of the pied piper, proper?

Okay, time for a fairy story!

So there was this magic pied piper who served as a rat catcher.


No… not like that.

He used his magic flute to lure rats away.

pied piper rats

In any case, there was this city, Hamelin, that had a extreme rat drawback in order that they determined to rent the piper to get the rats away.

He did however when it got here time for the city to pay him for his providers the city flat out refused.

How do you suppose the the pied piper reacted to this?

The reply is NOT WELL.

Actually, he determined that to get again on the city he was going to lure all the youngsters away together with his magic flute identical to he did to the rats.

pied piper children

Now, why would I be telling you this story?

As a result of you will be a pied piper your self through the use of intercourse to lure your ex boyfriend right into a dedication.

(Extra on that later or if you would like speedy gratification take a look at PRO as I discuss this there.)

In fact, to ensure that my little pied piper principle to work you possibly can’t sleep with him till he commits.

Get it?

Acquired it?


Let me broaden on my pied piper principle.

The Pied Piper Concept

pied piper

I’m going to throw some science at you right here.

I’m positive you’ve gotten heard that stat the place they are saying that,

Each seven seconds a person is considering intercourse.

So, right here is my query to you,

Do you suppose it’s true?

Effectively, I AM a person and I can let you know that, that isn’t true.

Nonetheless, what I can let you know about my form is that we do take into consideration intercourse, lots. Actually, we give it some thought every single day.

Based on the Kinsey Report (Sexual Conduct In The Human Male) 54 % of males take into consideration intercourse every single day or a minimum of a number of occasions per week. Oh, and whenever you add in the truth that 43 % of us admit to fascinated about intercourse a minimum of a number of occasions per week you’ve gotten quite a lot of ideas of intercourse.

That is the place the pied piper principle comes into play.

We’re going to use these ideas of intercourse to our benefit by dangling the thought of intercourse in entrance of him and utilizing it to get what you need, a dedication.

Now, I do know what you might be considering,

“How on earth do I do this?”

Effectively, the very first thing you must do is NOT sleep together with your ex boyfriend.

That’s the one method that this can work.

Subsequent, you will must study to dangle the intercourse correctly.

I typically get this image of a cat and a ball on a string.

You already know what I’m speaking about, proper?

How one can maintain a ball on a string in entrance of a cat and the cat is consistently taking a swipe at it after which proper earlier than the swipe hits the ball you pull it away. The extra you do that to your cat the extra that the cat turns into invested and actually desires that ball.

Do you see how this analogy works?


Okay, let me pull out my inside designer and create a enjoyable little graphic for you,

ball on a string game with cat

You’ll discover that on this graphic you’re the one dangling the ball (which represents intercourse) in entrance of your ex boyfriend (who’s the cat.)

The thought right here is that you’re forcing your ex boyfriend to develop into extra invested in attempting to get you.

Nonetheless confused?


Okay, suppose again to what I used to be speaking about with the pied piper and the way he used his flute to get the rats and youngsters away from the town.

Effectively, we’re doing one thing related right here together with your ex boyfriend besides we’ve an finish vacation spot, a dedication.

Now, are we truly utilizing a flute in your boyfriend?


Nonetheless, our flute goes to get replaced by the ball on a string sport that I used to be displaying you above.

By doing this you might be retaining your ex boyfriend engaged as you navigate the treacherous terrain to a dedication.

Right here’s one other enjoyable graphic detailing this,

pied piper rats

So, in response to this graphic crucial factor that you might want to accomplish is to hone your “ball on a string” since it’s doubling on your “flute” and the flute is crucial factor for main your boyfriend to a dedication.

Lets discuss somewhat about that now.

Honing Your Flute (AKA The Ball On A String)

flutes section

I would like you to check out that graphic I created for you above the place you might be primarily dangling intercourse in entrance of your ex and ready for him to take a swipe.

This ability is likely one of the hardest for girls to wrap their minds round as a result of they place such an emotional emphasis on intercourse.

What do I imply by that?

You need your ex boyfriend again greater than something on this planet proper now, proper?

Effectively, you might be at this web site so I’m assuming that you simply do.

If you end up in a scenario the place you are attempting to get him again and you might be deciphering his each transfer which signifies that something constructive that he does that may result in a dedication sooner or later goes to make you one comfortable gal.

So, if he does one thing on goal simply to get intercourse however you understand it as him wanting a dedication while you’re dangling intercourse in entrance of him.

Effectively, that’s when quite a lot of girls break down and provides in to their primal needs.

I assume what I’m saying is that the temptation is there and it’s awfully simple to screw your entire progress up. So, half the battle is just not giving in to your “need” to have intercourse together with your ex.

No, so far as dangling it in entrance of him…

My private perception is to let him convey it up first and work off of that.

We already know that intercourse goes to be on his mind and the possibilities that he’ll convey it up goes to be excessive because of the truth that he has just lately slept with you.

I assume what I’m saying is that him mentioning intercourse is the closest factor to a forgone conclusion that I can consider so simply be affected person and let it occur on it’s personal.

As soon as it does occur…

Effectively, that’s when the enjoyable begins.

So, slightly than attending to into the specifics I believe this might work higher if I did a little bit of position taking part in.

Does that sound like one thing you’ll be focused on?





Okay, I’m finished now…

Let’s imagine that your ex boyfriend brings up intercourse to you in a textual content message,

what we did

(Maybe now could be a very good time to say that I got here out with a guide that offers solely in textual content messages and what to say to your ex boyfriend known as The Texting Bible… Okay, pitch over.)

So that you get a textual content message like this out of your ex.

What now?

Effectively, now it’s time so that you can flirt again.

Lets go together with one thing easy like,

tell me more

Now that is the place issues get graphic so I’ll spare you the precise particulars by censoring the textual content.

Hey, we’re solely PG:13 right here at Ex Boyfriend Restoration,


In any case, as soon as you’re feeling like you’ve gotten your ex boyfriend totally engaged within the “intercourse dialog” you possibly can think about him to be winding up for a swipe.

Now, whenever you consider the ball on a string sport with a cat what occurs when a cat begins to swipe on the ball?

You progress the ball out of the way in which on the final second, proper?

Effectively we’re going to do the identical factor right here besides we’re going to do the texting model of this.

How do you do this?

Easy, you finish the dialog.

rain check

Doing this persistently will greater than suffice on the subject of your “flute” and main your ex boyfriend down the trail to a dedication.

In fact, I do know that you simply nonetheless in all probability have quite a lot of questions on this course of and the way it works for different mediums of communication.

The identical fundamental template all the time applies it doesn’t matter what.

The Primary Template:


So, that signifies that in case you are speaking on the cellphone you progress from the first step to 2 to a few.

Oh, and whereas it’s a bit trickier to do in individual it’s very potential and the outcomes you get from doing this in individual are AWESOME!

Belief me, simply stick with this template and it is possible for you to to captivate your ex all the way in which to a relationship.

Now, there’s one last item I want to discuss to you about, the massive image of how this results in a dedication.

How This Leads To A Dedication

I don’t know in the event you heard the excellent news however Father Chris,

father chris

(That was speculated to be an image of father time however I couldn’t actually discover an incredible one.)

In any case, the excellent news is that “Father Chris” is definitely a Daddy!

Yup, my spouse gave start to a good looking child lady at 11:16 AM on September 4th.

Here’s a image since I do know that’s an enormous deal to you girls,

father chris & baby

Now, whereas I wouldn’t think about myself to be an “knowledgeable dad” the primary month of getting a baby has taught me lots.

First, sleep is a luxurious.

Second, infants cry…. lots.

Third, I believe the explanation so many mother and father love their little infants a lot is because of the truth that they make investments a lot into them.

Give it some thought, my spouse and I really like our little lady a lot and that is compounded by the truth that we just about spend our each waking second tending to our wants.

The extra time we put money into one thing the extra we develop into hooked on it and in the end find it irresistible.

The Pied Piper Concept makes use of this considering as this ball on a string sport forces your ex boyfriend to speculate time with you which ones final results in a dedication.

Whereas it gained’t occur in a single day it is going to occur sooner or later in the event you preserve at it.



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